Full Service

We offer a ‘bespoke’ and ‘full service’ approach based on a structured, multidisciplinary process.

Full service


Validation of your idea

We work with you to consider and define the technical aspects of your idea, having the benefit of our experience and expertise as ‘Cosmetics Creators‘.


Definition of the project and creation of the specifications

Together, we define your cosmetics project which may, for example, be:

  • Transfer of production

  • Scientific review of products

  • Regulatory consultancy

  • Development of new products based on a specific theme determined in Step 1:

    • Specific niche market (geographical, organic, over-the-counter, etc.)

    • Raw material selected

    • A colour, a plant, a flower, a personality, a food, etc.

    • Special care

    • A specific segment of the population (teens, old age, men, etc.)


Scientific and technical implementation

Lab-based research and development into the idea with the aim of producing the first samples.

Study and analysis of the feasibility of the idea and of the project, business plan, supply chain (purchases and logistics) and reverse planning.


Marketing and packaging considerations

We consider together the particular vision of your idea and your project in terms of product use, packaging, marketing strategy, label design, etc.


Manufacture of pilot batches and tests

This last step is the implementation phase of your idea and your project that has been developed during the previous steps.


Industrial production

This final stage is the culmination of our fruitful and constructive collaboration that transforms your idea into a product and into a commercial success in your local or global sales network!