Private Label

With the benefit of our experience, of internal development and of repeated activities, we have a vast collection of formulations for both make-up and beauty products.

Private Label

(Marque de distributeur)
To meet our customers’ specific requests, we ensure the presence of experts and specialists to strengthen our internal team in order to adapt our formulations, when necessary, for the purposes of regulations, texture, design, packaging, perfume, pigmentation, etc.
Thanks to our close, strategic links with the Moroccan companies we have access to great expertise in the development and manufacture of products based on organic argan oil andBarbary fig seed oil.  Our laboratory has formulated and manufactured many products rich in prized plant oils from organic argan and Barbary fig seeds.

A simple, flexible and quick process


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Personal care


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LABOCREATION manufactures, packages and delivers your finished products (ready to sell);

LABOCREATION manufactures and delivers your products in bulk form (semi-finished);


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For whom?

his ‘ready to sell’ product solution is ideal for many companies that wish to offer premium quality products but that don’t have the internal resources to manage the entire development process.

Our simple and flexible approach suits, for example:

  • Selective and specialist distribution companies (beauty shops, perfumeries, beauty corner, organic shops, etc.);
  • Spas, beauty salons and health farms;
  • Cosmetics brands and product ranges wishing to extend their offer;
  • Chains and groups of pharmacies and over-the-counter drugstores;
  • Hotels (miniature packs);
  • Fashion and decorative brands;
  • Specialised eShops and mail orders,