Contract Manufacturing

Have you developed your formulations and are you now seeking a professional manufacturing partner to produce your existing range or for a future launch?

With our modern and flexible tool and our team’s expertise, we can offer you this service in small and medium runs.

Contract Manufacturing

Our laboratory meets the following standards:
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • ECOGARANTIE (organic certification by Certisys)
  • COSMOS (Soil Association)
  •  ISO 22716 certification

We work closely with our customers and take care to respect the strictest standards in place. Our production environment is regularly audited by different organisations and by our customers.

Our French laboratory have a great deal of experience in the contract manufacture of cosmetics products. Our laboratory has been in operation since ….., initially under the name CREATIONS COSMETIQUES and subsequently as AURIGA CREATION. The company is now called LABOCREATION FRANCE but has maintained both its team and its expertise throughout these changes, expansion and developments.

Our advantages:
  • An experienced, flexible and innovative team that works in synergy to manufacture premium products:
  • A range of formulations, including cream, milk, oil, gel, serum, masks, powders, lipsticks, balms, eyeliner and mascara, etc.
  • Production batches in small and medium runs;
  • Each request is handled individually and confidentially, as befits mutual collaboration.

To recap, contract manufacturing is a collaborative work relationship whereby a manufacturer, who owns a manufacturing tool, produces goods and products based on specifications that have been produced internally by the customer or jointly by the contract manufacturer and the customer. The customer is responsible for selling them.